It's Time For A New FDR & Americans Are Ready

January 29, 2019
-- It's Time For A New FDR & Americans Are Ready - If you look at the history of American democracy, you see that only times of great crisis have produced major progressive political changes. The Tea Act and the Boston Tea Party. The Civil War. The Panic of 1893 and the assassination of McKinley, The Great Depression, WWII and The Vietnam War. Each brought forth great statesmen (Jefferson, Lincoln, TR, FDR). Today we face a new crisis that’s arguably as dangerous to the future of the country and the world as any of those: Donald Trump. This crisis is so great and so deep that we will see a progressive statesperson elected President, a progressive Congress elected, and within a decade you’ll see single payer healthcare and free college. -- 66 Millions Americans At Risk Tomorrow Due to Climate Change - American's are facing a deadly crisis and people will die. Trump's response is to tell a bad joke. If it weren't for fossil fuel money we would be doing something about this crisis and this weather event would be a call to arms. The truth is the weakened arctic jet stream is drooling down into America and bringing chilly -45 degree weather with it because of climate Change. -- Wendell Potter - Because of Trump - The Uninsured Rate Is The Highest It’s Been In 5 Years